System: The Riddle of Steel
Method of play: Online, we can work out with what programs. Times and dates negotiable, likely Friday evenings, Saturdays, or possibly weekday evenings with the caveat that I can’t run late (GMT/UTC+9).

Welcome to Calradia!

Law and order are the exception, rather than the rule, in Calradia. Deserters and brigands of all sorts harass trade routes and attack villagers whilst evading the attacks of manhunters seeking the bounties on their heads. Farmers traveling to market to sell their harvest and caravans traveling from town to town trading goods must fend off looters and thieves seeking to reap what they did not sow. Lords, too, are threatened by the chaos; fiefs regularly change hands during wartime. Even the kings of each faction are not safe. Pretenders to the throne travel across the land, seeking brave and adventurous allies to back their claims and launch civil wars. This is a land rife with intrigue and adventure.

A little about the world
Calradia is a medieval agricultural society whose technology is roughly equivalent to that of the period of around 1150 – 1350 A.D. in Europe and Asia. The economy is driven almost entirely by human and animal power. There is no magic known to the Calradians other than that of legend and folklore.

The land of Calradia was once a province in a proud empire, but is now being fought over by six successor kingdoms: the Kingdom of Swadia, the Kingdom of the Vaegirs, the Kingdom of the Nords, the Kingdom of the Rhodoks, the Khergit Khanate, and the Sarranid Sultanate.

The kingdoms are feudal states ruled by a king, queen, khan or sultan who is followed by a larger number of lords, who have given oaths of loyalty as vassals. The vassals in turn rule over fiefs, swaths of farmland centered around a village, castle, or town, from which they draw the income to raise armies to bring to the service of the monarch — or, sometimes, to rebel against him.

Wars in Calradia, as in other medieval societies, are usually grueling campaigns of attrition. The most common tactic is to attack the enemy kingdom’s economic base by raiding its villages or waylaying its caravans. Sometimes, kings may raise an army capable of laying siege to a castle or town, though taking it can be a long and costly process.

Mount & Blade: Adventures in Calradia